Electrical Substations

Construction activity in an electrical substation can be a daunting and dangerous task.¬† Hydro Spy excavation specialists are able to produce critical path excavation cavities--trenches, pit boxes, pier shafts--with surgical precision¬†using … [Read more...]

Hydro Excavation for Transmission Towers

An electrical power company hired an experienced engineering firm to oversee the construction of dozens of transmission towers across the state of Texas. The guiding concern for the project was the prevention of major construction delays due to the … [Read more...]

What is Hydro Excavation?

  Hydro excavation, or vacuum excavation as it is also known, is cutting-edge green technology that uses pressurized water to safely and surgically convert solid ground into mud that is quickly sucked up by a powerful truck-mounted … [Read more...]

Pier Shafts

DRILLED PIER SHAFT FOUNDATIONS¬† with hydro excavation uses pressurized water in conjunction with a hovering vacuum system to safely excavate foundation shafts of any diameter and depth. The process starts with a simple pot hole (8 to 12 inches in … [Read more...]