Our Guarantee

Nothing means more to us than your absolute confidence in the integrity of our services. 

That is why we guarantee that we will never agree to perform a service and then fail to do so in a way that costs you money. This happens most often when a hydrovac contractor is awarded hydro excavation work on the sole bases of a low bid. One hour into the project, it may become painfully obvious that the contractor has neither the experience nor adequate equipment to get the job done. Don’t let equipment delays cost your project, even contract opportunities, potentially damaging your company’s industry brand beyond repair.

No matter what is the scope of your project, Hydro Spy has the expertise, the personnel and the equipment to get the job done. Our operators are the most experienced anywhere in the nation, and our equipment is maintained to prevent costly delays on projects where turnaround time is absolutely critical. 

Our hydro excavators know their craft and thrive on converting challenges into new opportunities. We will take on the toughest, meanest, dirtiest jobs in the world. Why? Because we want more than your business. We want your confidence! Your confidence in our ability to provide the very best hydrovac services anywhere our equipment and crews are summoned to deliver. When we say superior performance, take us literally. Call us out and watch us deliver.