Hydro Spy Expands With Acquisition of Tatum Partners LTD 60,000 sq. ft. Facility

Houston, Texas – March 6, 2012 – Hydro excavation contractors are experiencing tremendous growth and competition right now, according to Richard Young, President and owner of Hydro Spy LLC.

Young founded Hydro Spy LLC in 2009. The company specializes in the surgical use of pressurized water in combination with a truck-mounted vacuum system to safely excavate underground utilities.

“When we first started, we were not very centralized,” says Young. “Dispatching was a constant feat. The acquisition of the Tatum Partners LTD facility is a huge step forward, allowing us to better serve our clients and employees by being more organized and efficient.”

Hydro Spy LLC closed the deal with Tatum Partners LTD in January 2012.  The new property is located at 808 W Shaw in Pasadena, Texas, sitting on 1.5 acres of stabilized land with a 3,200 sq. ft. building, including 9 offices, a copy room, reception area, break room and mechanic shop.

“This is home-base for our Houston area hydrovac fleet. We are in a great place, close to the plants, refineries and pipeline right of ways that keep us busy.  We look forward to another record year of growth and expansion, as we continue to increase our fleet of hydro excavators. This will obviously lead to more employment opportunities for the local economy. It’s always great to have that kind of impact on the community.”

Hydro Spy provides hydro excavation services throughout the continental U.S. and expects to hire as many as 10 new employees this year.


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