Remote Areas

VACUUM EXCAVATION IN REMOTE AREAS is identical to all other forms of hydro excavating, with the specific exception of the use of the truck’s mechanical arm to position and maneuver the vacuum tubes during the excavation process. Instead, industrial vacuum hose is manually operated by one or two men while an operator or technician surgically cuts the soil with a water lance.

Remote area applications are common in situations where the hydro excavation truck cannot access the dig area due to overhead clearances, structural congestion, unstable soil conditions or the presence of sensitive, shallowly buried utilities that cannot be driven over. When this is the case, the truck can be staged several hundred feet away from the affected area. Industrial vacuum hoses and tubes are stretched from the truck’s mechanical arm to the dig site.

There are many advantages to this application:

  • The slow, laborious process of hand digging is not needed!
  • Overhead obstructions are not a problem!
  • Vacuuming material that is several stories up is not problem!
  • Vacuuming material that has spilled over a wide area, into ditches and culverts, for instances, is not a problem!
  • Excavating around a labyrinth of pipes and other underground utilties is not a problem!
  • Excavating in the narrow spaces between structures, homes or buildings is not a problem!
  • Excavating indoors is not a problem!
  • Excavating in backyards for the installation of a swimming pool is not a problem!
  • Tunnel excavations for foundation repairs are not a problem!
  • Pier excavations under existing pipelines are not a problem!

Something to keep in mind about remote hose excavations jobs is that the process may involve the use of a third man to stay with the truck while the other two men are working the water and hose. Also, remote hose excavations take a little more time to complete.

If you’ve got an excavation project that you have no idea how you will get done, give us a call. We will come out to your job site, at no cost to you, and evaluate the options for our services.