Hydrovac Services

Hydro Spy owns and operators industrial-sized GapVax hydro vacuum excavators, facilitating safe, quick excavations for a variety of scenarios. Our clients are the biggest brands in the Oil & Gas industry, and they turn to us for their hydrovac needs because we are highly trained, extremely productive and creative, with a proven track-record for safety excellence.

What We Do

We hydrovac all sorts of underground utilities, be they in plants or on right-of-ways (ROWs). We pot hole for utilities. We tunnel under slabs. We dig holes for traffic signal and transmission tower foundations. We perform exploratory hydro excavation trenching for preconstruction design or clearance verifications. We hydro probe to locate utilities without ever open-cutting the ground. We excavate deep pits or boxes-shored, sloped or benched-for pipeline repairs, tie-ins, installations, etc. We provide circuitous critical path trenches for the installation of ground wires and/or electrical or fiber optic lines.

Collection of Material

Hydro excavation spoils collect in a closed-container body also mounted on the truck. Once the tank becomes full, the vacuum system shuts off. The spoils are then dumped out like a dump truck.

Disposal of Material

Where the material is dumped depends on the type of material. Generally, hydro excavation is just dirt and water, so the spoils are taken to a dirt landfill where it dries out over a couple of days and is often used as backfill material. However, if the material is “hot” (possibly contaminated), it cannot be taken to a regular dirt landfill. Hot material is typically collected from hydro excavation sites in an oil, gas or chemical plant. Ninety-nine percent of the time, the plant will have its own dump site within the facility.

Quality Operators

It takes an experienced team of hydro excavation operators and technicians who are well-trained, committed to safety, understands the scope of work and are able to provide quick, accurate estimates that you can rely upon when bidding on projects.