Our Mission

Our mission at Hydro Spy is to provide hydro and air excavation services of proven value, combining experienced personnel and cutting edge hydro, air, and vacuum technology to pioneer new frontiers in non-destructive excavation.


Construction EngineersWe understand the cost to everyone involved in the installation or restoration of existing subsurface oil, gas, chemical, electrical, sanitary and communication lines throughout our communities.


Transmission Tower

We understand the cost to transmission construction engineers concerned with underground utilities where proposed power line tower foundations are to be set.



Civil ConstructionWe understand the costs to civil constructors and pipeline owners who are tasked with bridge projects that pass through a right of way where their pipeline resides 17 ft below the surface of the ground.


Project ManagerWe understand the costs to project managers who are responsible for tricky installations, point repairs, tie-ins, foundation supports or circuitous pipeline expansions.



SurveyorsWe understand the costs to engineers charged with the safe, quality design of pipeline configurations and subsurface repairs or installations.



Hydro Excavation Pier ShaftsWe understand the costs to foundation contractors who erect the concrete piers that support miles of pipeline above the ground. Hydro excavation is especially useful in tight areas like refineries.


Municipal ExcavationWe understand the costs to municipalities in search of the safest, most efficient means of locating and exposing subsurface water lines, sewer mains, and other utilities in need of repair.


Track Hoe ExcavationWe understand the cost to backhoe operators under extreme pressure to excavate even when there is no clear evidence of the existence or non-existence of known or unknown utilities.