Tunnel creations with vacuum excavation methodologies, Hydro Spy, LLC has been involved in some of the most grueling tunnel excavation projects imaginable. It doesn’t get much tougher than tunneling under apartment complexes for foundation repair companies, or tunneling under buildings for the installation or maintenance of critical drainage systems.

Several critical factors determine a successful outcome for any hydro excavation tunneling project:

Qualified Knowledge

The first mistake of tunneling with hydro excavation is the lack of a qualified plan of action. That plan should procedurally outline the various processes involved in the overarching scope of work, including the creation of entry pits, shoring considerations, lighting, ventilation, confined space governance, rescue plans, ventilation, communication and disposal issues.

The second mistake of tunneling with hydro excavation processes is, frankly, getting your information from the wrong source, such as a vacuum truck sales rep who has never excavated a tunnel using vacuum excavation technology. Talk to experienced operators and technicians have actually done the work. Ask for project references. Ask how the tunnel was excavated, and how long it took. How were the workers protected from cave-in?

Experienced Personnel

At Hydro Spy, LLC our personnel know how to approach large-scale tunneling projects because we have done them. Give us a call. Ask us what we’ve done and how we did it.

Proper Equipment

Never allow inadequate equipment on your project. Great equipment sucks! (literally).

Commitment to Safety

Tunneling with water and an industrial vacuum system is harrowing work–the work of swamp loggers, mud bugs and rats with high IQ’s. The mitigation of existing hazards is critical. To get the job done safely, fail-safe policies and procedures must govern the project. All personnel must be able to comprehend the policies and follow training protocols. Physical fitness is critical!