About Us

Hydro Spy is a Texas-based hydro excavation contractor that provides hydro and air vacuum excavation support to contractors and engineers throughout the oil, gas, chemical, civil construction and municipal industries. We are a niche service provider that uses the hydrovac process to safely and non-destructively locate and expose subsurface pipelines, fiber optics, water and electrical utilities prior to the use of augurs, backhoes and other traditional heavy equipment excavators.


WorkersWhether he/she is employed with Hydro Spy or one of our client-partners, we strive diligently to implement policies and procedures that honor their personal worth and contribution to the company. Hydro Excavation is extraordinary work, physically and mentally demanding of everyone involved in the process.  We facilitate the mental leap that every employee has to make each morning when they dispatch to deliver an awesome service to our customers.

From a structural functionalist perspective, we view our organization as a living organism comprised of various parts with differing interrelated roles that ultimately contribute to the health, harmony and purpose of the whole.

We are a relationship-based entity. We cultivate it by our unfailing willingness to serve and respect each other like family. We love each other; therefore we strengthen each other. We believe in each other; therefore we invest in each other. We trust each other; therefore we hold each other accountable.Teamwork

This type of reciprocal relationship stimulates and continually regenerates the company with a positive energy that then transfers to important daily relationships with our clients, vendors and the public.