Hydro Spy “In the Mud” :Cleaner Magazine

Hydro Spy, LLC was recently featured in a tough job story in Cleaner Magazine. The job involved an emergency response tunneling effort after a drainage pipe burst underneath a Texas-sized swimming pool where swimmers were literally training for the … [Read more...]

Gas Line Relocation – La Porte, TX

A bridge development project was underway in the state of Texas, but before work commenced Hydro Spy was consulted to discuss strategies for uncovering various underground utilities, some as deep as 35 ft, that ran through a right-of-way in the … [Read more...]

What is Hydro Excavation?

  Hydro excavation, or vacuum excavation as it is also known, is cutting-edge green technology that uses pressurized water to safely and surgically convert solid ground into mud that is quickly sucked up by a powerful truck-mounted … [Read more...]