Our Strategy

Hydro Spy, LLC is more than a hydro and air excavation contractor. We are part of a growing movement of innovative excavation contractors who are passionately committed to pipeline damage prevention and the environment. We believe that the same technology we use to excavate can also be utilized to cultivate higher learning about subsurface energy systems–be it in the design, construction or remediation phase–and global ecosystems.

Hydro Excavation Knowledge

Gnosis (Greek for “knowledge”) is the golden key! That is why in the bigger picture of our strategy to capture the hydro excavation market, we seek to bring together knowledgeable men and women from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to cultivate our collective awareness of subsurface systems and the global environment.

The use of water or air in conjunction with a powerful vacuum system to explore an area prior to digging with a backhoe is quickly becoming the standard in the industry. Seeing is knowing—because there are no invisible pipelines or utilities. Hydrovac excavation guarantees verification of what’s below the surface. It can also help contractors and/or pipeline owners determine the safest approach to excavating the area.