Traffic Signal

Hydro Spy serves the traffic signal construction industry, providing surgical pole hole excavations for the installation or extraction of traffic signal foundations.

Timber Pole Holes
Excavating a hole for a timber pole that is 18″ in diameter and 7′ to 10″ deep takes no longer than 5 to 10 minutes.

Concrete Pole Holes
Excavating a hole for a cement foundation that is 36″ in diameter and roughly 12′ deep takes about thirty minutes.

Old Foundation Extractions
Sometimes existing foundations have to come out, either because they are no longer needed and are in the way, or because they were set wrong and must be redone.

Overhead Clearances
for those instances when conventional augurs cannot access the shaft area because of overhead power lines or cables. Our equipment is versatile enough to work in any environment without limitations posed by overhead clearances.