Indoor Excavations

INDOOR EXCAVATIONS are unique situations where a contractor has to remove material from a room, attic, basement or vault that cannot be accessed by traditional excavation equipment. However, vacuum excavation trucks offer real solutions to these unique dilemmas. The process is identical to remote hose excavations, with the exception that each excavation takes place or initiates indoors, hundreds of feet away from the equipment used to get the job done.

With the truck parked at a remote area, industrial vacuum hoses and tubes are extended from the truck’s vacuum system to the work site. Using a pressurized water lance with fail-safe trigger devices, a cutting operator will loosen the soil around the designated area, while the vacuum operator simultaneously sucks up the loosen spoil.

Some of the applications for this particular process include:

Like remote hose excavations, indoor excavations projects will involve the use of a third man to stay with the truck while the other two men are working the water and vacuum hose.

Also, the logistics of indoor excavations require a little more time for project complete than standard hydro excavation methods.  Even so, it remains the safest, fastest and most cost-efficient means of excavating in these isolated types of areas.