Pier Shafts

DRILLED PIER SHAFT FOUNDATIONS  with hydro excavation uses pressurized water in conjunction with a hovering vacuum system to safely excavate foundation shafts of any diameter and depth.

The process starts with a simple pot hole (8 to 12 inches in diameter). With the mechanical or manual vacuum system hovering the designated surface area, the operator excavates straight down in the ground, leaving a hole that is vertically straight with a relatively smooth interior wall. One of the advantages of using hydrovac applications to these type of drilled pier excavation is the mitigation of damage to volatile underground utilities.

Once completed, the hole is ready for the installation of rebar and concrete. Our crewmen are team players able to willing to assist with the installation of rebar once the hole is excavated. We understand the importance of timing when it comes to get the rebar set and your concrete poured. We will dig the hole fast, help you get the rebar set and then move on to the next hole while you get your concrete work done.

Hydro Spy can also hydro excavate bell-bottomed pier shafts. We also have experience hydro vacuum excavating shafts directly under existing pipelines where an augur has no access. We use industrial vacuum hose to excavation straight down in the ground under existing pipeline or other structures.

APPLICATIONS: traffic signals foundations, pole holes, transmission tower foundations, footers, pipe foundations, caissons, sound barriers, conduit racks, bridge supports, light standards, retaining walls.

CRAFT NOTES: Depending on the size and accessibility of the hole, pier shaft excavations can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes per shaft. For extremely deep pier shaft excavations, consult one of our experts for a specific Plan of Action (POA) to achieve any depth, regardless of ground conditions.