What is Hydro Excavation?


Hydro excavation, or vacuum excavation as it is also known, is cutting-edge green technology that uses pressurized water to safely and surgically convert solid ground into mud that is quickly sucked up by a powerful truck-mounted vacuum.

The technology is often traced to the Canadian oil & gas industry more than fifty years ago. From a strictly technological viewpoint, this is true; but it is worth pointing out that hydro excavation is not an invented process. It is a discovered process deeply rooted in nature, dating back thousands of years to cataclysmic flood waters that literally trenched the earth and help give our global landscape the wondrous, mind-boggling symmetry we behold today.

The need to excavate for pipeline maintenance or repairs in sub-zero weather conditions led Canadian facility owners to resort to heated water to thaw frozen ground. It worked, but the result was often a muddy messy, which led to the use of vacuum systems to such up the mud.

Today, hydro excavation is increasingly popularized in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia as the safest, quickest and most cost-effective means of excavating around known and unknown pipelines and other underground utilities.

It is a safe, non-destructive and extremely cost-efficient method of excavating around underground utilities or just excavating in critical areas that are inaccessible to conventional excavation equipment.

Hydro excavation serves a variety of industries:

To better understand how hydro excavation methodology works and can possibly facilitate you or the contractors working on your project, visit our hydrovac services page. Then give us a call to discover how Hydro Spy might be able to facilitate your team of engineers, estimators and constructors. Be sure and ask about some of our Trademark Applications.

Whatever the application, Hydro Spy specializes in illuminating critical pathways for foundation and utility installations. At Hydro Spy, hydro excavation is more than a business enterprise.  It is a demonstrative commitment to pipeline and underground utility damage prevention.

We are the most experienced hydro excavation contractor in the entire Gulf Coast Region, and we would love the opportunity to partner with you on any project where you need empirical evidence of underground utilities prior to site preparation and excavations.

Human tragedy, expensive equipment and pipeline damage repairs, along with the residual court costs, fines and legal fees that can result from utility strikes are all preventable. They don’t have to happen on your project. They don’t have to characterize your brand of service.

Remember These Benefits to You:

  • Pipeline Damage Prevention
  • Zero Recordables
  • Zero Dollars Lost to Damage Remediation
  • Minimal Soil Disturbance
  • Accurate Pre-design Planning
  • Fewer Project Delays
  • Lower Risks = Lower Insurance Rates
  • The entire process is safe, fast and extremely cost-efficient, particularly when digging around volatile pipelines, sensitive fiber optic cables, or the plethora of other underground utilities.