Box Trench

PIT EXCAVATIONS are relatively large excavations around buried valves, pipeline tie-ins or anomalies. Hydro excavation is quickly becoming the preferred or required method of digging these pits because of  the enormous risks of striking large diameter pipes loaded with volatile products and because of the precision with which hydro excavation can be performed.

Shoring is absolutely critical to the operation if workers are going to enter the pit.  In some instances, however, the presence and placement of other underground utilities make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for pipeline contractors to install standard shoring apparatuses.

The hydro excavation method can be used to provide surgical clearances for sheet pile installations between existing pipes. It can also be used to create OSHA-standard slopes under existing pipes. It can even be used to create step shoring.

The size of the pit has little bearing on the hydro excavation method, but it takes an experienced  contractor to get the job done to spec. Our operators and technicians are the most experienced in the industry.

We can dig pit excavations that range from 6 x 6 x 6 to  20 x 12 x 37, and we can do it to spec! Need a perfect square box pit?  We can do that! Need a stepped pit?  We can do that too! Sloped pit? We can do it!

Or maybe you find yourself in a situation where know you have to get some men in the ground to perform a critical covered tasks, but there are so many crossing utilities and overhead congestion that you have know idea how you will get the job done.

Call Hydro Spy. We are the most creative hydro excavation contractor in the industry, able to employ a variety of water jetting techniques to tailor a pit that is safe to work in and specific to your needs.