Hydro Excavation for Transmission Towers

An electrical power company hired an experienced engineering firm to oversee the construction of dozens of transmission towers across the state of Texas. The guiding concern for the project was the prevention of major construction delays due to the disruption of subsurface utilities. The project was on a fast-track for completion, but concerns about underground utilities threatened the drilling process before it ever got started. One Calls provided little reliable data about existing utilities.

The engineering firm consulted Hydro Spy, LLC for a plan of action to provide critical clearance excavation support for the drilling contractor. The solution Hydro Spy provided was the quick execution of  exploratory slot trenches around each of the proposed areas where  a  20 ft concrete standard was to be installed.  They led the drilling effort with two bona fide GapVax hydro excavation units, cutting L-shaped trenches then facilitating the backfill procedure with flow-fill concrete-based material, so as not to compromise the soil around the tower’s base.  The trenches were of varying lengths, 6-12 ft wide and as deep as 17 ft. Over the course of the project, numerous unknown utilities were discovered, and the documented depths and locations of several known utilities were proven to be inaccurate.

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Project Scope: Tower Installation
HydroVac Application: Slot Trenching
HydroVacs: 2
Industry: Electrical Power
Location: Texas