SUE & Hydro Excavation – Round Rock, TX

Vacuum Excavation for Suburface Utility Engineering

A multi-billion dollar highway expansion project was getting underway in a rapidly expanding area of Texas. Before construction could begin, the general contractor brought in a reputable Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) firm to provide empirical verification of all utilities in the area.  The firm contracted Hydro Spy to lead the effort because of the enormous amount of utilities that needed to be verified in a short amount of time.

Equipped with as-built data provided by the project’s engineering department, the SUE team used geophysical line locating devices to provide above-ground markings to designate the location of underground utilities.  Using hydro excavation pot holing techniques, Hydro Spy exposed more than 100 utilities over several weeks, allowing the SUE firm to meet its obligations to the general contractor, which they admittedly would not have been able to accomplish without our experience and affordability. Hydro Spy also successfully turnkeyed the backfill effort for each excavation.

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Project Scope: Highway Expansion
HydroVac Application: Pot Holing
HydroVacs: 1
Industry: Civil Construction
Location: Texas